Remote Monitoring and Notification

Hospital Automation

Remote Monitoring and Notification

Keep track of patient status using sophisticated real-time remote monitoring, wherever you are

Masimo remote monitoring solutions use Iris® connectivity and interoperability to collect, translate, and securely move patient data throughout the continuum of care, allowing clinicians to monitor and manage patients, wherever they may be.

Masimo SafetyNet<sup>&reg;</sup>

Masimo SafetyNet®

Remote Patient Management

Secure, Scalable, Cloud-Based Patient Monitoring and Management Platform

Masimo Patient SafetyNet<sup>&trade;</sup>

Masimo Patient SafetyNet*

Supplemental Remote Monitoring and Clinician Notification System

Display Near Real-time Information from Connected Masimo and Third-party Devices at Central Viewing Stations



Mobile Application

Supplemental Remote Patient Monitoring and Two-way Clinician Notification

  1. *

    The use of the trademark Patient SafetyNet is under license from University HealthSystem Consortium.


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